Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lots of wild foliage here. My personal favorite.... the Banyon Tree. I've had my eye out for the deadly Habu snakes that chill in the trees and on the cliffs and rocks. This isn't their busy season, but I'm still weary of their presence.

It is a protected species since they are only found in this chain of islands. They are illegal to kill, and there are little teams of Japanese Habu relocators that take them into the interior when found.

Then there's this guy. Ari Daviltelis. He comes from a great Greek family that we've shared many good times with. I've known dude since the 4th grade; back when we used to live in Germany. We played soccer together on German league teams in the 80's. We've been hanging out and catch up on things. He works on the island and has a beautiful wife and daughter; Rebecca and Marina. Went out for Thai food with them last night.