Tuesday, October 17, 2006

24 Hours of mudfest 06

Just when I thought the suffering was over.

My buddy Ryan Hamilton called me to see it I could wrench for him and be part of his crew for the 24 hours of Moab race. The event organizers called the race about 8-9 hours in because of bad conditions. WTF? Isn't 24 hour racing about persiverence, toughness, preparedness? No rider or team is required to go out into the storm. Anyone can curl up in their tent or RV and wait for it to pass. Our Rider and Crew had made it through the worst of the storm and were ready to go, but were not allowed to race. Super bummer for the best prepared team out there.

Brake Pads without the "Pads". Functioning disk brakes were hard to come by around 8pm.

The skys opened up at high noon (start of the race) and did not stop until about 9pm that night. Under normal conditions, rain is a good thing in the desert. It makes the course faster and cuts down on the dust. Some of the fastest lap times were recorded the next morning on the hard packed course.
Shit weather, Advantage "Hamiltonians"! With two very experienced mechanics, three bikes, two more crew, a tough as nails rider, and a guard dog, we were ready to go all night.

5th time "Behind the Rocks" in Utah!

Somehow shotgunning beers has become our "rally cap" or moral booster around camp. Seems to be working!!?