Monday, June 12, 2006

One national event in the books. I enjoyed the steep resort terrien of Sugar Mt. NC, but had to brush up on my roots and greasy rock riding skills. Forget even touching your front brakes. I packed it in during a training lap on roots and it gave me a needed wake-up call. I had no race on friday, so I got to watch Kris dominate the expert class on a course well suited for his single speed. The next morning was my xc race, and kris got to watch me suffer for 2 1/2 hours. All went well and I moved up the entire race. My rear tire ripped and started to slowleak in the last two laps. Both times at the top of the decent, I jumped off and CO2'ed some more air into the tire and it got me home. I was satisfied with 32nd. place. Can't wait to line up again and work on tightening up my game. Try and get better starting position. There were nearly 80 in the feild and I have to start in very back (rookie riders). All these dudes have motors and don't like to get passed so moving up is tough.

Kris won the expert single speed class and got second in the short track.
Best bike on the line (i always say). My Yeti has been phenomonal. Equally at home blasting roots and mud, as it is slaying Colorado single track.
The Old Smoky Mountains are truely "smokey"

The next two Mt. Bike nationals are in North Carolina, and then Vermont. Kris and I stayed with his brother Jason in Missouri and got some trail riding in a state park down the road. Leg two put us in Kentucky, in a place called "Land between the Lakes". Great state park camping and sic single track for miles.

Cool and Aggro, and appropriately named "Steve" Jason's chiwawa ran circles around Goran.

Don't believe this crap!!

McDonalds coffee still sucks.