Sunday, October 30, 2005

Had an incredible day at the "Ocean world Expo," the worlds second largest aquarium located on the northern end of the island.

The pictures simply can't describe how huge the tanks and it's inhabitants are. Stood for hours watching.
The Japanese were very proud of this facility, and it would take at least two days of touring to do it justice. Everything i've ever seen on the discovery channel, then some. They claim (although not quite the largest) it is the most diverse in terms of species.
They have an intact carcass of Archituthis (giant squid). One of only two in existence in the world. I somehow managed to erase that picture....bummer.
They also have a waterfoundain that shots a scope like mouthwash so your breath is minty fresh. Do not swallow!! Happy Joy Luck Fresh Fountain
Ari came with.