Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Living vicariously through my parents (i realize it's normally the other way around) My trip would not be possible without their vision and love for travel, adventure, and living in foreign countries. I remember the first big step that started it all in 1981.
Check out the latest National Geographic Magazine for November 2005. Longevity and Okinawa. Eat your Goya, Danialsan!!!
Another good day. My range is increasing, and soon I should have this island dialed. This sushi bar I found has a rotary platform that shoots out fresh sushi from the kitchen. Each plate has it's own color that denotes a price. At the end of your "shesh" they scan your plates and give you the total. The most reasonable I've found. Got stuffed for 9 bucks. Who said Japan was expensive?
I noticed this Okinawian lady was having a coffee and a smoke, she started some Thai-chi looking stuff, then broke out into a beautiful song/chant. Don't quite know what to make of it. Cultural experience.
anatomically correct cars of Okinawa

More trippy small cars and vans
On a most of the new cars, when in "Park," both side view mirrors retract so they don't get clobbered in tight parking.