Friday, November 04, 2005

Fine sunset with the Ilihune and the Malitoa in the background. I think "Ilihune" means PoorPeople in Hawaii. Big John is the is a DODDS teacher and skipper of this rig. He is in to racing, and does pleasure cruising on the weekend.
The Keramus Islands looking west from the dock. Oh yeah, I learned this new trick. Levitation. Just takes a little concentration.
My transportation has been a Lemond Cross bike I put together for Buddy. It's the only way to really see the good stuff on the back streets.
Sunabe Steps. Where many first time scuba divers put in. Kinda like the Boulder equivalent of the "wanker trail." So I thought! I got in the water with snorkel gear and was instantly blown away. The water starts shallow and in hard corrals. I followed a fissure in the reef that instantly opened to underwater cliffs. The diversity of life in the water is staggering. I stayed out exploring until I was exhausted. I'm hooked. Scuba certification will be the next.
More of the sea wall. I've put in here too. I have a net backpack that hold my flipper, mask, snorkel, ect... I've been buying "obento" boxes of food from the supermart. I've eaten more raw seafood in two weeks than I have in my entire life. No supersize option on obento.