Monday, June 19, 2006

Number two in the books!!!
Preride and preparation went well, but i wasn't ready enough for the Snow Mountain VT experience. I DNF'ed in the second lap of my four lap race. I had a bad wreck that shook me up. I got up and chased furiously, then boom!!, I'd hit the deck again. After about 5 subsiquent wipeouts I realized I was becoming a danger to myself. At my age I don't know how many "comeback" years I have in me. I really hate quiting.

On the brighter side, last weeks finish seeded me about 1/2 way in the pack so my number went down (61) and my starting was much better.

Kris had strong rides in both the XC and Short Track placing 4th and 6th respectively. I think he could have taken the ST had his gear selection been better on the single speed.

The next leg was DC to West Dover, VT. The drive was pretty. Parts of NY state remind me of where I grew up in Germany. Little towns and rolling green hills.

A typical Vt farm. They sell mollases and jam at about the same rate that Colorado roadsides sell those wooden bears.

Our "lean too". Deluxe accomidations in Woodford St. park. The bugs were no match for my 40% Deete (maximum allowable). In the tradition of "keeping it real", Kris and I have tried to race and tour as we always have in the past. On a budget. Snow mountain and norba made this one really tough on us. Closest allowable camping..... 30 minute drive. So over the course of 3 days of racing, we made the Woodford commute quite a few times. I met a new friend named Officer Mark on the way, who gave me a 126 dollar welcome to Wilmington. First one in over 10years. Kris has been crushing such a big gear, he ripped the sole and cleat clean off the body of his shoe. The first time was trail side so we duct tape wrapped the whole thing and it held pretty well. That night Kris superglued it back together and took off the tape. We heard the "crack" on the trail the next day.... full seperation.... no injuries..... new shoes.
A big thanks to Cashion's buds at Carolina Fatz bike shop in Asheville, NC. Just when I get down on the people I have to deal with in the bike industry, your cycling carma comes back to you. Markus at Fatz hooked Kris up with a great deal on some shoes and ripped trail with us.
Their shops website