Monday, June 05, 2006

Ooff.... I've made it to June with my body and spirit intact. Racing every weekend takes a toll on both equally.

We found that Hamilton uses Edible Chamouix Creme!!!
Or, at least, it's made from "food product" ????

Last weekend was the Teva Mountain games in Vail, Colorado. Kris w/ a K, Hamilton and Maka ralleyed to Summit County for this one. It was a killer atmosphere that showcased everything from fly fishing, speed climbing, dirt jumping, adventure racing, and of course, Mtn. Biking. Many of the "big boys" showed up as the money was good. It was my first time lining up against our national champ Jeremy Horgan Kobelski. Travis Brown, Ross Snell, Walker Fergeson, Ned Overand, Jay Henery, all showed up and I must admit I was intimidated as hell.
The Pro starts have been killing me, and right away I was religated to the back and came part of the 2nd. group. I was able to settle in and went on the march with a handful of others. Kelly Magelky (another new Pro) and Cris Eatough and I broke up the second group later in the race and it was cruise into 11th, my best finish so far.
Kris Lathrop also finished 11th in a tough expert feild, and on a single speed. We won no money, but were both happy and took away a lot of confidence for the national events next week.

My favorite Teva Games Event. Kayaking meets American Gladiator.

The 8-Ball Sprint is kayaking's version of NASCAR, where rubbin' is racin'. After a floating start at the Covered Bridge, as many as ten kayakers will push, shove, and jostle their way through a 200 - meter sprint in the narrow confines of Gore Creek . Along the way, boaters must avoid being knocked off by the 8 Ball ers - loathsome kayakers in full body armor waiting patiently to attack the sprinters and slow them down throughout the course.

Two weeks ago, Kris w/ a K and I lined up for a three day road cycling event called the RockyMt. Omnium. I missed my TT start time by 1:30" then uncorked the fastest 19 minutes & 30 seconds of my life. Anger and desperation fueled my effort. I followed up with a second place in the next days event, then crashed out of State Crit Championship final day on the last lap. A lot of work, ..... no result.

Such is Road Racing.

120 Starters for States Crit. Very Sketch.