Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, the Mt. Bike season is upon us. First race this week on the fat tires. It will be a regional Norba race in Anglefire NewMexico. It's a small ski resort in northern NM that is pretty empty in the summer. I've alway's liked this venue (there was a world cup race here last year) because it turns into bikeville for the weekend.

Took a big rest after Gila and started getting back to the trails of Boulder County on my Mt. bike. It's been a good reunion.
No more cars, or windy flat roads. Also gets me back in touch with a lot of old friends that I used to "high roll" with. This is Mike Hoaster and I leaving from Nederland park-n-ride in search of singletrack. The trails were good yesterday..... all clear and tacky, snow covered peaks and a cool breeze..... Heaven.

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